TheTribalButterfly (desiremona) wrote in littlelolitas,

New Member Seeking your Advice

Hello Everyone!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Desiremona, and I am a fashion student.

 I have always been extremely active in cosplay, and have always had a huge interest in Gothic Lolita outfits - although as of yet I have none of my own yet. However, I am going to be graduating from fashion school in the next few months, and am planning on designing a line of Gothic Lolita dresses for my final collection, which will be shown at a major fashion show event!

I have always loved the Gothic Lolita style, and although I have not made any for myself yet, I plan on designing my whole collection around this lovely style - I could not be more excited! But since I have only been just a gothic Lolita admirer, and do not own any dresses myself yet, I need some help from all of you.
I would really appreciate any advice or help anyone on here can give me in achieving the right look for my final collection. I would be very grateful if you wouldn’t mind my asking questions, and giving you a survey to fill out on your opinions about the gothic Lolita look.

I really hope that I can count on your support, so that my final collection can stun everyone at the fashion show!

Thanks in Advance!


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