Glitter in your Gruel (stockingshock) wrote in littlelolitas,
Glitter in your Gruel


Hi, just an introductory post to make me look like a real person...

Name: Fuchsia. (after the prematurely dead Groan girl in Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake. It's not a light read but is superb and I think Fuchsia was very much a GL in outlook, plus she had a killer red velvet dress.)
Nicknames & Ali-i: Lu, Mandragora, Syd, Blodwen.
age: 22. I don't think 20s puts one off the loli-scale; Western GL's seem on average older than their Japanese originals in any case.
Location: English Midlands. In a horrible town, but I also live between a Victorian Gothic stately home and a mediaeval village haunted by the head of Lady Jane Grey's father. (Just the head. It also has a ruined castle and a bleeding tombstone.)
Likes: Gothloli and non-fluffy sweet loli, but I'm too untidy to be elegant. Plus I am forever falling over. I enjoy sewing, drawing (or, officially, illustrating...), dressing-up, reading, writing, lively debate and creating fictional characters. I prefer boots to shoes unless they are MaryJanes; I am getting better at making sushi; I like to visit sites of historic interest and I make all my money from stitchin'. I also like: all fabrics, even hideous ones, getting sad comments from morons in town when I'm all dressed up, watching disturbing films, collecting Venise lace, television adverts so bad they are comical, anime, walking about, my silk top hat and my Victorian divided underwear.
Dislikes: Refusing to allow for difference of opinion, anyone who yells 'political correctness' at every opportunity, newspapers, lack of thought/imagination. Also dogs.
Favorite EGL brands: Victorian Maiden, Mary Magdalene, Boz, Metamorphose.
Favorite music: Non-ridiculous, reasonably heavy rock; some aspects of punk, goth and metal; visual kei; progrock; mediaeval/renaissance chorale; Tom Lehrer; and all our current fine homegrown Brit bands. But I prefer specific bands to certain genres, and that'd take all day to list.

Ok, that is all... I'll probably come here a lot when I am in a loli mood, which will be often. (I hadn't previously found a fashion subculture I could subscribe to wholly, or wear every day, until GL. Joy!) Plus I like to meet previously-undiscovered folk, and I don't have enough loli friends in RL.
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