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Anime Boston Lolita Teaparty

It's time that northeastern Lolitas got a teaparty, wouldn't you say?

We're hosting a Lolita Teaparty/Pot-luck/Brunch at Anime Boston in April. Please dress up and bring food!

When: Sunday, April 11th at 2:00 (Easter!)

Where: Boston Commons if the weather is good, inside the convention if it's bad

What: A gathering of Gothic/Sweet Lolitas to eat brunch (pot-luck style), chat, and take pictures in the park

RSVP: You must RSVP by April 2nd and list your contact information and what food you are bringing.

Mary Moos (tropigalia/angelicpretty): please e-mail or leave a comment
Michi (michichu) e-mail michi

Yes, it's a requirement that every guest bring some sort of food or drink item so that there is enough food for everyone and so that one person isn't stuck supplying food for everyone. Recommended items include tea sandwiches (if you have a cool place to store them), baked goods, a case of drinks, candy, etc.

We're not trying to be fascist lolitas (though they're invited, too), we just want everyone to have fun and eat well.

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